The start of something new

A couple of years ago we made our first self financed short film Reset and it's been screened around the world on many film festivals, among the memorable highlights for us is winning the SILVER MÉLIÈS for “Best European Fantastic Short Film” category at the IMAGINE film festival and also winning the “Best international short” at one of the world’s largest genre film festival “FANTASIA” in Montreal. Also selected as VIMEO staff pick and "Short of the week" one of the biggest short film websites.


Traveling to film festivals around the world, we have met filmmakers that have seen our short film and really wanted to experience Reset in a feature format. This gave us the boost we needed to begin our first feature length adventure and we're currently developing Reset into the feature version at PARAMOUNT Pictures.


In retrospect it has also been a great opportunity for us to “test” our future audience and to give them a glimpse of our style of filmmaking.

"The winner of both the Audience Choice and the

Judges Award, Marcus Kryler and Fredrik Åkerström's film was a sublime meditation on parental abandonment. To say that it demonstrated storytelling mastery is to concede that it was an artistic success on every level.

Horror works




BehiNd the scenes

We had the fortune to work with a fantastic cast, Cecilia Milocco and Niklas Engdahl, both critically acclaimed Swedish actors.

It was an intense five day shoot on four different locations, but thanks to an incredibly talented and effective crew, and a strictly planned preproduction, we managed to get all shots we needed. Of course there were moments when we had to loose the storyboard and improvise but that’s when our twenty years of editing pays off.